Message of the Managing Director

I am extremely grateful to Almighty ALLAH for providing us with the ability, understanding and insight to carry out our business in a highly professional manner. Unlike many other public sector Corporations, FDC, as a whole, has always remained a successful organization and it has kept on improving every year in spite of intense competition in the timber trade. I am also thankful to the FDC employees for their hard work and dedication in making the FDC a profit earning organization.

Since its inception FDC performed very well to generate revenue for the provincial Govt. in the form of taxes and duties, pay millions to the locals in form of royalty, contribute to Forestry Development Fund for resource rebuilding and create direct and indirect employment opportunities to locals of rural areas besides development of skilled labour through its on job training programs.

The corporation is trying its best to preserve this valuable natural resource of the province through scientific forest harvesting practices, regenerate forests through its Annual Development Programs, earn revenue to the provincial exchequer by adopting effective and transparent marketing techniques for sale of timber and provide high grade seasoned timber to the house holds and industries across the country.

I lay my profound trust on all my team members, skilled and meticulous manpower that has enabled FDC to compete in the commercial sector.

(Sher Nawaz)

Managing Director, FDC, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa