Message of the Chairman Board of Directors, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Forest Development Corporation

It is gratifying to note that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan is the paradise of forests and trees. In comparison with less than 5% of the national average 17% area of the province is decorated with rich and dense forests expending along the major portion of Hazara and Malakand divisions. These forests contribute a lot to provincial income, public jobs and economic uplift of the country. Keeping in view these advantages of the forests it becomes imperative to preserve our forest resources by a careful utilization and vigilant protection of forest lands. Regulated harvesting of forest and proper conservation practices can ensure the safety of forests and the maintenance of necessary ecological balance.

Importance and need of forest resources and forest based industries is an admitted fact for the economic development of a country and there can be no two opinions in this respect. It is encouraging to note that the Forest Development corporation, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, although a new fangled organization, is focusing in its planning strategy, on the promotion of this industry as a key priority sector. The tremendous growth in the shape of timber production and sale in the province is really a good omen towards achievement of the desired goals and objectives.

If profit is a measure of success, FDC is a classical example of a success story. It has earned a net profit of more than two billion rupees in the form of movable and immovable assets. Even in physical and quantifiable terms, FDC has achieved remarkable success. This has been accomplished through well planned and well executed strategy of development including construction of bottom valley roads and bridges, mechanization of forest operations, purchase of machinery and consistent programs to impart training to forest staff.

I, therefore, appreciate the FDC management for its efforts and achievements realized so far and hope that, in future, no efforts would be spared to preserve the provincial natural resources through modern forest harvesting practices in the best interests of the people, the province and the country.

(Syed Ishtiaq Urmer)

Chairman FDC Board of Directors