It is gratifying to note that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan is the paradise of forests and tress. In comparison with less than 5% of the national average 17% area of this province is decorated with rich and dense forests expending along the major portion of Hazara and Malakand divisions. These forests contribute a lot to ......more

I am extremely grateful to Almighty ALLAH for providing us with the ability, understanding and insight to carry out our business in a highly professional manner. Unlike many other public sector Corporations, FDC as a whole, has always remained a ..... more

Prior to 1973 standing trees in the high hill areas of KP were sold to forest contractors on unit volume basis. These contractors used to carry out harvesting operations according to their vested interests without caring for health of the forest. The contract system was, abolished in 1973 which created a gap which was filled through creation of a

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Re-operationalization of Wood Processing Unit Havelian and Saw Mill Mansehra is in process and both the units has started production of quality commercial and domestic furniture along with other wood works ( more ...) ( Circular ...)

Auction of timber at Timber Market Chakdara (Lower Dir) will be held on 04-05 & 24-25 September,2019 where in 504,974 Cft timber of various species both in logs and scants form will be offered for sale (more...).

Auction of timber at Timber Market Goharabad (Havelian) will be held on ___ where in _____cft timber of various species in logs form will be offered for sale (more...).

separate "Exploitation Wing" within Forest Department. The experiment did not succeeded due to revenue constraints coupled with inflexible financial rules. This situation demanded a new setup having financial flexibility, quick decision making followed by reinvestment to develop forest resources and mechanization of forestry operations.

Resultantly Forest Development Corporation was created under the FDC Act, 1977. The organizational structure of corporation was further reviewed and reconstituted through FDC ordinance, 1980 with the following objectives:

  1. Economic and scientific harvesting of forests.
  2. Sale of forest products.
  3. Regeneration in the areas to be specified by the Govt.
  4. Establishment of primary wood processing units.
  5. Any other function assigned by the Govt.